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The Factory is a biannual fashion show and night market celebrating and shining light on the fresh, creative talent of St. Louis. Come experience the new collections from St. Louis' top designers: Paulie Gibson, Brandin Vaughn, Lauren Tracy, Stephanie Carlo, Perpetua, and Jorge Marrero.



Kat Reynolds

"The Intimate Movements of Disco" by Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds is in her feelings, and will probably remain sitting there. At the moment she is based out of Saint Louis, MO creating conceptual portrait and architectural photography. From receiving her B.A in Dance from Webster University, movement comes second nature and is thoroughly integrated into her practice. Her recent work is made to be literal, authentic, and emotional.

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Lauren Tracy

Lauren Tracy, a St. Louis based artist, is most recognized for her batiked patterns on silk scarves and shirts. Inspired by timeless fashion, she views the scarf as a relic. Her designs range from classic to whimsical.

Tracy's background in fiber art and sculpture influences surface designs and garments that celebrate and embrace the human body. With a focus on sustainability she creates a dialogue between reclaimed materials and fabric she prints in her studio. Lauren is moved by making things special and focused on creating pieces that last.


Brandin Vaughn

Brandin was born in a small town outside of St. Louis, but raised in St. Louis. He has been creatively expressive through apparel since he was a young child. Brandin’s mother will frequently and vividly recall a memory when she had no money for Christmas presents for Brandin and his siblings but he begged her to buy a lamb shearing coat from their local goodwill. It was not unusual for Brandin to want what would seem random clothing items for a young child. Even then he was drawn to textures, fabrics and colors.

Thinking this is all he wanted for Christmas but still wishing she could afford more, she bought it. To her surprise on Christmas morning, Brandin made her pillows for the living room couch out of the lamb shearing coat, something his mother had been wishing for herself. This was only the beginning and soon in his teenage years, he began making prom dresses for his high school classmates. There was never a time when he was not making clothes. Brandin knew then as he knows now, this is his passion.


Stephanie Carlo

Stephanie Carlo is an Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Product Development at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo. Stephanie, better know as Fefa, is a fashion and textile designer, fashion illustrator and graphic designer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, her fashion design aesthetics are influenced by her background in fine arts and her interest in history, most commonly in History of Puerto Rico and current issues.

Carlo earned an M.F.A. in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.F.A. in Fashion Design and Printmaking from the School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico.



Perpetua is a slow fashion brand launched in 2015 by Kristin Johnson, yoga teacher and fashion designer. Perpetua is an effort to shift the collective consciousness away from fast fashion towards more mindful choices. Using organic, environmentally friendly fabrics with low impact dyes as well as recycled and repurposed materials, Perpetua collaborates with artists and makers in the local community to produce a beautiful product with the lowest environmental impact.


Paulie Gibson

After a life spent in several apparel related industries, St. Louisan Paulie Gibson created a contemporary menswear brand organically & passionately inspired by men in his everyday life. "There is a commonality in all of the close relationships, that allows me to create for very different people - who're all going to the same place."  Paulie launched his first sellable collection under his label with a showcase with local organization RAW: Artists. Simultaneously, Paulie Gibson was selected for the Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging designer program, where he was and purchased by retail giant While in Phoenix, the brand began to garner the attention of the celebrity stylists in Los Angeles, and within two weeks had his first showing at STYLE Fashion Week, Los Angeles. The following season the collection returned to SFW where he completed his second showing which was filmed & featured on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20. In addition to ANTM, Paulie Gibson has been worn to the Grammy’s, VMAs, movie premieres, music videos and published in numerous publications. Paulie hopes for this brand to global reach while maintaining a STL home base.


Jorge Luis

 Jorge Luis Marrero Oliveras, born in Ciales, Puerto Rico and raised between the island and Chicago, Illinois. He holds a BA in Visual Communications, this later led towards his interest in Fashion. The combination of visual arts and garment development made him lean toward going back to study design, first going to Universidad del Turabo and later to Lindenwood University, in which he obtained a BFA in Fashion Design.